Monday, June 28, 2010

The Rivieras - Let's Have A Party (U.S.A. 102 - Mono)

I used to have a fascination with The Rivieras because of shredding covers of their song "California Sun" by great bands like the Dictators and the Ramones. Then I learned they were from LaPorte, Ind - where my wife's family is from - and where I usually spend Sunday evenings. Jen's dad and mom saw the Rivieras multiple times around town in LaPorte, which kind of blows my mind.

I was psyched to find this LP in South Bend, Ind. Around 30 miles from LaPorte. Anyway, none of this stuff appears to be on CD aside from the hit -- so enjoy the Rivieras in glorious monophonic sound!

Listen to California Sun (MP3)
Listen to H.B. Goose Step (MP3)

Or just DOWNLOAD / DESCARGA The Rivieras "Let's Have A Party" LP!!

01 - California Sun
02 - Danny Boy
03 - Twist & Shout
04 - Little Donna
05 - Church Key
06 - Killer Joe
07 - Let's Have A Party
08 - Rockin Robin
09 - H.B. Goose Step
10 - Keep A Knockin'
11 - Oh, Boy
12 - When The Saints (sic)

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Gravedigger Grimm said...

that's awesome! La Porte is about where the time changes when traveling east on HWY 30, ain't it? That's so cool we have a band from that area from our state. You on facebook? Cheers!