Saturday, February 9, 2008

WFMU's Country Fuzz

Grady Martin, creator of the fuzz tone

Ok, the theme of this blog is officially shot. While I'm sure it's possible that some of this vinyl was procured in Indiana -- I really just downloaded it from the WFMU Blog.

This is one of the best sets/themes I've heard in ages. Country songs all lumped together with one common theme: fuzz tone guitar! Too good to be true, actually -- and I bow to FMU for compiling all this great stuff. However, jeers to the person encoding the trax, who could not be bothered to enter the actual artist name and song title into the MP3's IDE tags.

But since beggers can't be choosers, I did the chore myself -- and was a good use of time in my estimation. This is an amazing set that was in desperate need of a playlist.

And so ya'll won't have to do it. Here is a a one-file ZIP download of the entire set! You can now easily make a playlist because I changed the album to "WFMU Country Fuzz"


For the full article and song list, click dis