Saturday, December 6, 2008

Roly Stokers - Aftermaath and Betweeen the Butttons in Mono

The only way to listen to the early Stones is in mono. They rechanneled that shit in stereo so bad, it was a real shame. The stereo vinyl was bad enough -- but the CDs...holy shit bad. So anyway, this is a temporary post so you can grab before I remove (don't want ABKKKCO coming after me). Remember what happened to the Verve, right?

Yeah, these are my two favorite Stones albums and I believe there is no better way to listen to them than in mono.

Found them in NYC at street dealer across from Lincoln Center in late 1980s.

Download Aftermaath and in FUCKIN MONO
Betweeen the Butttons in FUCKIN MONO

The Shoes - Okay / Tomorrow Night

More great guitar pop from Zion, Illinois natives The Shoes on Bomp! Rekkids.

Download The Shoes - Okay / Tomorrow Night

The Oblivians - Popular Favorites

The Oblivians were one of the greatest live spectacles I've ever seen. Greg Oblivian is still keeping it real with Reigning Sound. Eric Oblivian runs Goner Records of Memphis, TN and Gonerfest and all that cool stuff. While their records never quite lived up to their live shows, it's always great to hear classics like "Guitar Shop Asshole" and "Bad Man"

Also love the photo of Sabbath fans at a concert holding up a t-shirt that says "Kill A Punk For Rock & Roll"

Download The Oblivians Popular Favorites

The Mummies - (You Must Fight To Live) On the Planet of the Apes

Title says it all

Sympathy for the Record Industry

Download "(You Must Fight to Live) On the Planet of the Apes

World of Distortion - Let's Go / Welcome Home

Classic Boston Rock 7-inch on Stanton Park Records

Download World of Distortion

Go To Blazes - Hating You / Casa Diablo

Ever thought you'd hear the 4 words "excellent Johnny Paycheck cover" together? NYC's Go To Blazes delivered. They also delivered an amazing photo of Paycheck being hauled away in cuffs on the cover.

Diesel Only Records

Download "(And it Won't Be Long and I'll Be) Hating You" by to Go To Blazes

Monoshock - Model Citizen (Nitroglycerine)

This is one of the creepier records in my collection. Creepy cover, creepy lo-fi apocalyptic sound. Not bad at all.

Download Monoshock - "Model Citizen (Nitroglycerine)" - "Hawkwind Show" and "Everything Near me"

Speed Bumps Way Way Way

You know that feeling when you go see friends bands (or they play you their demo) you really think they suck and you are always in that awkward situation where you have to lie to be nice to people you are usually very open with?

Well, that's not a problem with west coast pop maestro Steve Folta. Here is, uh, mid-90s 7-inch of way way way catchy way way way and hanging in the sky. way.

Download Way Way Way Now by Speed Bumps!

The Neats (Ace of Spades)

Got this at Amoeba in LA for 4 bux a few months ago while partying with my friend Chris Duffy of the Detroit, Michigan Duffy's. What a bargain! Great jangle-strangle from Boston. Hard not to flashback to seeing them open for R.E.M. at the MIT gym in 1985.

Download The Neats - The Neats on Ace of Spades Records Now!!

The Bags - I Know / Hide and Seek

"When one has dealings with scholars and artists it is easy to miscalculate in opposite directions: behind a remarkable scholar one not infrequently finds a mediocre man, and behind a mediocre artist often—a very remarkable man." - Frederich Nietzche

Following this theme, I think The Bags (from Boston, not LA) might very well be remarkable men.

Stanton Park Records

Download the Bags "Hide and Seek/I Know" 7inch

Sunday, November 23, 2008

for President-Elect Obama

Lulu Reed (sic, her name was Lula) and blues legend Freddy King get together for a political variation on the Twist craze.

Download "Do the President Twist" now!!

Quincy Jones - Walking In Space

Spacey jazz meets the MSC (mainstream composer) with an excellent band featuring everyone from Grady Tate and Berard Purdie on drums to Chuck Rainey and Ray Brown on bass to Roland Kirk as team player. Great female chorus vocals in vein of Eddie Gale and Larry Young.

Download Quincy Jones' Walking in Space NOW!!!

First Assocation LP in Mono

A friend of mine was told me this was an essential LP -- but I could never find it. I finally can see what he was talking about! The Free Design could have never existed without these guys -- but their first album is more of a cross of Sunshine Pop and mid-60s fuzz (sounding almost like the Music Machine at times)

This copy is a little crackly, sorry.

Download "And then along comes...The Association" now!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

WFMU's Country Fuzz

Grady Martin, creator of the fuzz tone

Ok, the theme of this blog is officially shot. While I'm sure it's possible that some of this vinyl was procured in Indiana -- I really just downloaded it from the WFMU Blog.

This is one of the best sets/themes I've heard in ages. Country songs all lumped together with one common theme: fuzz tone guitar! Too good to be true, actually -- and I bow to FMU for compiling all this great stuff. However, jeers to the person encoding the trax, who could not be bothered to enter the actual artist name and song title into the MP3's IDE tags.

But since beggers can't be choosers, I did the chore myself -- and was a good use of time in my estimation. This is an amazing set that was in desperate need of a playlist.

And so ya'll won't have to do it. Here is a a one-file ZIP download of the entire set! You can now easily make a playlist because I changed the album to "WFMU Country Fuzz"


For the full article and song list, click dis

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jack Hoppes

Jack Hoppes - Little Nashville Opry
Found: Antique Mall, Chesterton, Indiana

Indie-Country Hoosier and helmet-head Jack Hoppes is a strange man. From "Nashville, Indiana" -- Jack's songs are all hopped up...and the guitar player is excellent. If you find yourself thinking, "yeah, this is pretty corny" -- stay with it. Each of the 4 tracks below has its own money-shot. From off-kilter guitar licks to a 70s, Indiana variation on the Appalachian EEFING phenomenon.

1) I Guess, I Left Her Lonely Too Long
2) Rollin in My Sweet Baby's Arms
3) East Bound and Down
4) Little Nashville Opry


The Tea Company

"Come and Have Some Tea with The Tea Company"
Found: Garage Sale, Chesterton, Indiana

What a weird thing to find this classic NYC psych LP in the burbs of Indiana. Check out the definite early-Floyd and even Velvet Underground influence at times...and the heavy New Yawk accent on some tracks (Love Could Make the World Go Round). And any band that can pull off a cover of "You Keep Me Hangin On" (I hate both Diana Ross and Vanilla Fudge versions), is alright by me.

1) Come and Have Some Tea With Me
2) Flowers
3) Love Could Make the World Go Round
4) You Keep Me Hangin' On
5) Don't Make Waves (Water Sound Effects)
6) As I Have Seen You Upon the Wall
7) Make Love, Not War


"Rusty Dean" (aka Clarence White & Gary Paxton)

Wailin' Time - by "Rusty Dean"
Found: junk shop, Beverly Shores, Indiana

This budget-bin country LP is easy to pass by. What looks like an indie-country Olivia Newton John, "Rusty Dean" is actually a psuedonym for eccentric pop, country and Christian artist Gary Paxton (the man behind "Allie Oop" and "Monster Mash")-- and flashy country-rock guitar slinger Clarence White from the Byrds (among others).

White's guitar is soo great as usual -- and check out the wild song titles like "The Chokin' Kind" and great cover of M-M-Mel T-T-Tillis' "Sweet Mental Revenge"!

1) Chokin Kind
2) Sweet Mental Revenge
3) You Make Me Remember
4) Walk on Out of My Mind
5) A Million Tears Ago
6) Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line
7) Time to Bum Again
8) When A Fool Loves A Fool
9) Your Broken Heart Is Showin' Through
10) The Price of Lovin' You


"Clarence White is the Jimmy Page of Cuntree-Rock" - John "Blues" Rahmer

Digging in the Crates in NW Indiana

This blog shall be dedicated to some of the better LPs found scattered around the NW Indiana "region"