Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dr. John - "Featuring the Night Trippers"

This is a really strange compilation on "Springboard International Records," a Central New Jersey label with reputed Mafia ties...and one which was shut down by the feds in the 1980s. Wasn't that Uncle Junior and his friend Hesh's racket on the Sopranos? Maybe the Springboard story informed the plot.

Anyway, some AMAZING stuff on here. Obviously this is a collection of 45s, given all the "Part 1, Part 2" and "Vocal" and "Instrumental" versions of the same songs. Hell, it even has a Christmas song.

The most interesting tracks are the 2 by "The Night Trippers" -- not sure when they were recorded, and I don't feel like Googling it. These are "Did She Mention My Name" and "The Grass is Greener."

"Della" is also phenominal, as is the classic "Zu Zu Man"

Enjoy. Think about old Hesh.

DOWNLOAD - Dr. John - Featuring the Night Trippers NOW!!!

Found at S&J Stereo in Highland, Ind.

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