Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gun - Gun Sight

The first album by Brit-Jew acid rock soldiers GUN is as legendary as can be. This is not that record. In fact, I've never heard that one so I can't really guage the acclaim -- but this second album of theirs is heavy as fuck. This is that guy Adrian Gurwitz who played with Ginger Baker ("Baker-Gurwitz Army"). Only on this album he goes by the name "Adrian Curtis" to cover up his Jewiness. Same with his Gurwitz'n brother Paul.

Dig the Jewfros on the cover...and the heavy, drugged out sounds of 1969, done just about right. Definitely a Cream influence way out in front -- but thank God this is sloppier and more raw. Great Kinks cover (Situation Vacant). Too bad Cream didn't think of that.

Out of print on CD, blah blah blah.

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Found at S&J Stereo in Highland, Ind.

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