Sunday, November 23, 2008

for President-Elect Obama

Lulu Reed (sic, her name was Lula) and blues legend Freddy King get together for a political variation on the Twist craze.

Download "Do the President Twist" now!!

Quincy Jones - Walking In Space

Spacey jazz meets the MSC (mainstream composer) with an excellent band featuring everyone from Grady Tate and Berard Purdie on drums to Chuck Rainey and Ray Brown on bass to Roland Kirk as team player. Great female chorus vocals in vein of Eddie Gale and Larry Young.

Download Quincy Jones' Walking in Space NOW!!!

First Assocation LP in Mono

A friend of mine was told me this was an essential LP -- but I could never find it. I finally can see what he was talking about! The Free Design could have never existed without these guys -- but their first album is more of a cross of Sunshine Pop and mid-60s fuzz (sounding almost like the Music Machine at times)

This copy is a little crackly, sorry.

Download "And then along comes...The Association" now!!!