Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Louvin Brothers (Ira and Charles) - (MGM M/MS-598) - 1956

Very rare, unavailable on CD from what I can tell. The first record the Louvin's put out (on MGM-Metro, 1956) before they were told "You can't sell tobacco with gospel music" -- and slid their way into harmonic history. This record contains their nuclear classic "The Great Atomic Power," (a different version that Capitol put out, I believe) as well as other ominous, prescient tracks like "Insured Beyond the Grave" (AIG) and "Do You Live What You Preach" (Ted Haggard).

01 - The "Get Acquainted" Waltz
02 - Weapon of Prayer
03 - They've Got The Church Outnumbers
04 - Do You Live What You Preach
05 - You'll Be Rewarded Over There
06 - (I'm Changing the Words To) My Love Song
07 - Robe of White
08 - The Great Atomic Power
09 - Insured Beyond the Grave
10 - The Gospel Way

Download the first ever Louvin Brother's record

Insured Beyond the Grave (MP3)


Easy Jams said...

Here's a slightly extended version of this album: http://easyjams.blogspot.com/2012/05/louvin-brothers-ira-and-charles-with.html

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