Saturday, December 6, 2008

Roly Stokers - Aftermaath and Betweeen the Butttons in Mono

The only way to listen to the early Stones is in mono. They rechanneled that shit in stereo so bad, it was a real shame. The stereo vinyl was bad enough -- but the CDs...holy shit bad. So anyway, this is a temporary post so you can grab before I remove (don't want ABKKKCO coming after me). Remember what happened to the Verve, right?

Yeah, these are my two favorite Stones albums and I believe there is no better way to listen to them than in mono.

Found them in NYC at street dealer across from Lincoln Center in late 1980s.

Download Aftermaath and in FUCKIN MONO
Betweeen the Butttons in FUCKIN MONO

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Susan said...

Oh, yeah. Thanks!