Saturday, January 19, 2008

"Rusty Dean" (aka Clarence White & Gary Paxton)

Wailin' Time - by "Rusty Dean"
Found: junk shop, Beverly Shores, Indiana

This budget-bin country LP is easy to pass by. What looks like an indie-country Olivia Newton John, "Rusty Dean" is actually a psuedonym for eccentric pop, country and Christian artist Gary Paxton (the man behind "Allie Oop" and "Monster Mash")-- and flashy country-rock guitar slinger Clarence White from the Byrds (among others).

White's guitar is soo great as usual -- and check out the wild song titles like "The Chokin' Kind" and great cover of M-M-Mel T-T-Tillis' "Sweet Mental Revenge"!

1) Chokin Kind
2) Sweet Mental Revenge
3) You Make Me Remember
4) Walk on Out of My Mind
5) A Million Tears Ago
6) Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line
7) Time to Bum Again
8) When A Fool Loves A Fool
9) Your Broken Heart Is Showin' Through
10) The Price of Lovin' You


"Clarence White is the Jimmy Page of Cuntree-Rock" - John "Blues" Rahmer


brujo said...

Thank you for this one anything of Clarence White's work is appreciated it is amazing what you turn over in second hand shops and thrift stores.If you are interested in more Clarence White material here is a link to a site which has quite a bit some that I have posted and others as well .regards brujo
it also has heaps of other great rock'n'roll hillbilly roots etc

matthewmeridian said...

awesome, thanks for this i have been looking for it for ages.